About the MiTo Register

Welcome to MiToRegister.com, the official home of the Alfa Romeo Owners Club UK MiTo Register.  We exist to help and support owners of the MiTo within the Alfa Romeo Owners Club, but this site and our Facebook group are open to all owners and fans of the MiTo.

We aim to put useful and fun stuff on this site, including galleries of photos from our events, pictures from our track days as well as useful information and techniques for changing your MiTo, upgrading your MiTo and generally caring for your Alfa.

As well as the Alfa Romeo Owners Club UK bi-monthly magazine, the MiTo Register also publishes an e-Newsletter every other month which you can find in the Newsletter menu of this site.

Joining the MiTo Register is important because although today the MiTo is plentiful, in the future (just like classic Alfas like the Alfasud) there will be far fewer.  So we aim to capture a living history of each MiTo to provide a fascinating timeline for future owners and MiTo fans.

We would love to hear stories and see photos about your MiTo and we are happy to feature them on this site or in our newsletters.  Just send your stories and pictures to mito(at)mitoregister.com.

If you are a member of the Alfa Romeo Owners Club UK, you can join the MiTo Register at any time here http://www.mitoregister.me