Alfa Romeo Championship Power Trophy 2019

Our plan is to run a MiTo QV 170 MultiAir in the 2019 season of the Alfa Romeo Championship, in the Power Trophy class.

The Power Trophy is based on Alfa Romeos with 220bhp (at the flywheel) per tonne.  Given that we think we can get a MiTo weight to around (or just under) one tonne total, we think this class is ideal for the first MiTo Register car.

It is early days though.  We have a base car (a Graffite Grey MiTo QV currently recording 203bhp at the wheels), but this car needs to be completely rebuilt from the ground up for safety regulations (roll cage etc), suspension and brakes, before we start to investigate performance upgrades such as a custom turbo and cooling system.

The first key step is to choose the partner who will undertake the build process.  A number of possible partners have been short-listed and we hope to announce the plan soon.

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