Scuderia MiTo 2019 Car


The Scuderia MiTo car has been built for the 2019 Alfa Romeo Championship, and is the only MultiAir-engined Alfa Romeo competing in FIA regulated racing in the United Kingdom. 

Davie Peddie of DPMD Ltd in Fife, Scotland, has meticulously taken a 2012 Alfa Romeo Quadrifolgio Verde and transformed it into a true racing Alfa Romeo.  DPMD manage the logistics and mechanical support on race-days, and the car lives with DPMD in Fife between races where it is maintained, serviced and developed further during the season.

A particular feature of the car is the custom-fabricated rollcage, loosely based on the Fiesta R5 rally car cage, with the omission of lower back stays and the addition of different door bars, which were a very complex design.  The MiTo A-pillar actually increases in width but as such reduces the size of the cabin and is a very odd shape to try and fit a straight tube to.   A large hole was cut in the A-pillar in order to sink the cage into the actual bodywork and this fully integrates the cage to the body negating the need for the typical ugly gussets.  The door bars are also integrated to the shell at both the A-pillar and B-pillar. The bars have also been rolled outwards slightly to increase the safety cell size but maintain the original shape and purpose of the door bars.  The result is almost certainly the best roll cage that could exist for the MiTo, and Davie has been very careful to retain the detailed design specification and measurements so we can repeat it easily.

Several other areas of the car have been custom-fabricated, but a focus on the build has been to identify and use products which are off-the-shelf, helping us to create a model (or kit) which can be replicated.



Images of our Scuderia MiTo team at each 2019 race weekend can be found in our Gallery here.

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