2019 MiTo Photo Competition *** NOW CLOSED FOR ENTRIES | THANK YOU ***



The MiTo Photo Competition is just a bit of fun, but with prizes!  We know lots of you like to photograph your MiTo, so we have identified around 300 locations across the UK at which you can get a great picture of your car.  The locations are chosen based on having great views, obscure buildings or unique landmarks and are joined by the locations of all the main AROC events this year (as well as some of the racing circuits that the MiTo Register car will be racing at this season).

On the map, there are three types of location icons: a red camera (photo location), a chequered flag (race circuit) and the AROC logo (2019 events at which the Alfa Romeo Owners Club will have a presence).

We have made a small effort to ensure there are some grouped areas, so if you’re going on holiday to North Devon, Cornwall, North Wales, the Brecon Beacons and other areas you might find a few spots that you can drag your kids to.  I know my family love it when I force them to the back and beyond just to photograph my MiTo in a nice spot.

There isn’t a location near me!

We have tried to find a varied selection of locations, and the aim isn’t to have lots of locations round the corner from your house, but for you to consider day-trips with the family or think about locations close to your planned outings and holidays during 2019.  Many locations include (or have close by) attractions or great places to visit so you can think about simply including a photo-shoot of your car whilst you are there!  Everybody wins…

Some, of course, are a little trickier to reach or a bit more obscure – that is deliberate!  Some of you may wish to travel especially to a location just to photograph your MiTo – that is of course entirely understandable and will be noted as an outstanding contribution to the cause.  Others of you might just check the map before heading off somewhere to see if there is a location vaguely close to where you are heading.

It is a kind of geo-caching but with a MiTo.  In a layby.

How do I win?

Whilst there will be some great prizes, that’s not really the point.  The point is to get some great photos of your MiTo which we will include in our gallery and you get to travel to parts of the UK in your MiTo that you previously haven’t experienced!

However, it’s a competition, so photos mean prizes, and locations will be scored as follows:

  • AROC events: 30 points
  • Race circuits: 20 points
  • Photo locations: 10 points

However, of the 300+ locations, there are approximately 70 locations which have extra bonus points.  You won’t know which these are because they are a closely guarded secret, but they can achieve up to 50 extra points based on location, difficulty and other randomly made up and entirely subjective reasons that you’ll never guess.  So if you only make it to a couple of locations, don't worry - your luck might be in! 

How do I participate?

It’s pretty simple. Every location on the map has a unique number, and you simply take a beautiful photo of your MiTo at that location then send it to photo(at)mitoregister.com and (if you want to) post it on our Facebook group making sure you quote the location number, the location name, a description and when the photo was taken along with any details about your visit.

Your MiTo doesn’t have to be clean (in fact, it probably won’t be).  This isn’t a concourse photo competition, it’s about getting out there, enjoying the drive and taking a great photo.

We will track all submissions and create some kind of leaderboard to track the submissions and how many photos each person has taken, but the points winner will not be obvious as we won’t reveal the bonus points of the secret locations!  Towards Christmas, winners will be announced and prizes will be allocated with what I can only imagine will be some fanfare.

What are the prizes?

There are several prize categories, including:

  • Most points
  • Most photos
  • Best scenic photo
  • Best landmark photo
  • Most Creative photo
  • Best kid's photo

and a few other categories which we’ll come up with as we see the submissions, with special prizes for your kids if you convince them to join in!

Prizes include goodies from the AROC shop, vouchers at some great Alfa suppliers, a few unique special prizes that only a MiTo owner would love, a year’s free AROC membership, a year's subscription to Auto Italia Magazine and other goodies.  You won’t be disappointed!  Unless you are.

How do I actually do this then?

Our map identifies all of our locations.  Simply click on the location and you will see the pop-up showing the location number, description, address information and the lat/long co-ordinates.  You can click on the co-ordinates and it will open a new window with Google maps, showing the exact location.  Just drag the little street-view guy onto that location and have a look around – any obviously intended photo angle/direction (a great view, a windmill etc.) will be pretty obvious.  But note, the co-ordinates should be accurate but the address/postcode may cover a large area so bear this in mind if using a satnav.

However, there are a small number of locations (not many) which will have difficult parking or double-yellow lines, so plan your visit with this in mind and consider going in disguise.  There are also a very small number of locations which may require you to pay for entry at an attraction, or a location which is only open to the public at certain times/days – so check before you go there!  Remember, some locations may be at a beach or a popular seaside location which may be busy in the Summer.

In the top/right corner of the map there is also a search box - just enter your postcode or your town and it should show the nearest location (handy if you're heading to a town and want to check what's nearby).

Important: Only stop your car where and when it is safe to do so. We have made every attempt to identify locations with safe stopping areas, laybys or parking areas.  Do not risk you or your family’s safety for the sake of a photograph!  If a photo at an exact location seems too risky when you arrive, just take a photo nearby and let us know when you email your submission.  Do not take risks and do not break the law for this competition as we can take no responsibility for your actions or the results.  And if you’re heading into unfamiliar areas, ensure you have plenty of fuel! By submitting your photos you agree to us publishing them on our social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter (you will be credited or tagged wherever possible, and you retain full copyright).

So have a look at our map and plan your MiTo photo adventure!  Then email your photos (including the location number and details of where the photo was taken) to photo(at)mitoregister.com and be sure to tell us who took the photo (especially if it was one of your kids!).

Good luck, and we look forward to seeing your amazing photos soon!