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2018 MiTo Register Survey Results

A detailed look at the results of the 2018 MiTo Register survey, seeing not only how we as one of the Alfa Romeo Owners Club Registers are performing, but also gaining some insight into what people really think of their MiTo.  Originally published in...

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The Alfa Romeo Owners Club UK has adopted an idea from a recent MiTo Register Survey to introduce a map of all Alfa Romeo Specialists and Dealers who can service and maintain Alfa Romeos.

The new Alfamap is available within the Useful Info section...

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Vicki Butler-Henderson in new TV Show "The Car Years" in 2019

Anyone who attended the Alfa Romeo Owners Club MiTo 10th Anniversary celebration in June 2018 will know that Vicki Butler-Henderson is not only a proper car girl, but she is a genuinely fun person too.

And we are delighted that Vicki, along with...

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Upgrading to a Supersprint Exhaust

A insightful article by Paul Newberry taking us through the process of upgrading a standard MiTo exhaust to a Supersprint exhaust on a 2016 MiTo QV-Line 140 TCT.  Originally published in Newsletter 9.

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MiTo Shopping Cart Campaign, 2010

A look at the innovate Alfa Romeo campaign by Duval Guillaume in shopping centres in Brussels, Antwerp and Liege, and how it was done.  Originally published in Newsletter 8.

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Ben Sharich Announced as 2019 Alfa Championship MiTo Driver

We are delighted to confirm that Ben Sharich has agreed to be the driver for the AROC UK MiTo Register car in the 2019 Alfa Romeo Championship season.

Ben acquired his racing license in 2011 fulfilling a lifelong dream and started by racing in the...

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MiTo Debut at the 2008 Paris Motor Show

A look at the 2008 Pars Motor Show stand designed by Studio Architetti and used as an amazing launch platform for the debut of the Alfa Romeo MiTo.  Originally published in Newsletter 7.

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Vicki Butler-Henderson stars at the MiTo 10th Anniversary Event

The Alfa MiTo had its World launch on 19th June 2008, so to mark the exact 10 year anniversary the Alfa Romeo Owners Club UK MiTo Register held a special event on Tuesday 19th June 2018, with special guest Vicki Butler-Henderson.

Details of the...

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New (Facelift) MiTo versus Old (2012) MiTo

Driving both a 2018 and a 2012 MiTo, we investigate the differences between the new facelift MiTo and the original MiTo, but which is better?  Originally published in Newsletter 6.

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Hybrid Turbo and 200bhp MiTo - Creating a Monster

Looking at the process of installing a hybrid GT1446 turbo and remapping a MiTo to achieve over 200bhp - but is it easy? And is it cheap?  Originally published in Newsletter 5.

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